b. 1980, Chattanooga, TN
lives and works in Chattanooga, TN

clients AND collections

Warner/Atlantic Records, UK
Smithsonian Magazine, Washington D.C.
The Baffler Magazine, San Francisco, CA
Spirituality and Health Magazine, Traverse City, MI
The Oxford American Magazine, Oxford, MS
AQUILA Children's Magazine, London, UK
Quarto Publishing, London, UK
IO Donna Magazine, Milano, Italy
Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine, Devon, UK
Omni Hotel, Nashville, TN
Rizzoli Publishing, New York, New York
Orange Coast Magazine, Irvine, CA
Gestalten Books, Berlin, Germany
Modernista Publishing, Stockholm, Sweden
Works held in private collections in the US, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Switzerland and Australia

solo exhibitions

2018, April 21st - 22nd, 4 Bridges Arts Festival, Chattanooga TN
2018 Hollie Chastain, Lowe Mill, Huntsville, AL
2017 Hollie Chastain, The Arts Company, Nashville, TN
2014 Kentuck Art Center, Tuscaloosa, AL
2014 New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, New Harmony, IN
2012 Hollie Chastain, Buy Some Damn Art
2012 "Summerbreak" Nashville's Smallest Art Gallery, Nashville, TN
2012 Hollie Chastain, Leo Gallery, Chattanooga, TN
2011 Hollie Chastain, Wyatt Art Studios, Rochester, NH
2009 Hollie Chastain, Leo Gallery, Chattanooga, TN

selected group exhibitions

2019, October 26th, One Night Stand, Oxford MS
2019, May 2019, The Altered Image, The Arts Company, Nashville TN
2017 "Collagmically Connected" Fancy Schmancy Gallery
2016 "Muses of Mount Helikon IV" , Helikon Gallery, Denver CO
2015 "Threads", Smith & Vallee Gallery, Edison, WA
2015 "Enormous Tiny Art Show 17", Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
2014 "The Jealous Curator: From Blog, to Book, to Gallery", Bedford Gallery, CA
2014 "The Muses of Mt. Helikon II", Helikon Gallery, Denver CO
2014 "Pastiche, Parody and Piracy", Cob Gallery, London. UK
2013 "New Sensibilities in Collage", Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Milwaukee, WI
2013 "Enormous Tiny Art Show 14", Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
2013 "Summer Reading", The Hole, New York, NY
2012 "Imaginary Travels", ArtPod - Berlin, Germany
2012 "Enormous Tiny Art Show 12", Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
2012 "Fresh stART", Santa Monica, CA
2011 "Enormous Tiny Art Show 10", Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
2011 "Cutters Edges", Gestalten Space - Berlin, Germany
2011 "The All-Star Book Fair", Naked Art Gallery - Birmingham, AL
2011 "Cutters/Cork", West Cork Arts Centre - Cork, Ireland
2011 "Enormous Tiny Art Show 9", Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH